Whilst watching American Hustle I did not recognize Christian Bale for over half the film.

True passion for your role Bale 🙂



Recently I started watching BBC Sherlock on a suggestion of a friend.

I absolutely adore it. Why?:

Benedict Cumberbatch – His acting skills put a new spin on the character. With previous Sherlock films I found Mr. Holmes portrayed as a bit stuffy and slightly old fashioned. Cumberbatch gives the audience someone real that you can sort of relate to. As he himself states: ” I’m a fully functional sociopath.”

He portrays the intellect well without being a smart ass (most of the time). He has personality and background. And I find that he puts Sherlock-Downey to shame, just because Downey seems more lazy and just more foolish.

As for the other characters they have their own quirks and realisms. ie. Moriarty being gay excellent play and it attributes to his obsession with Sherlock. Also I like the interactions Sherlock has with his brother Mycroft.  You get a bit of sibling rivalry but they also care about each other and have strange ways of showing it.

Technology -The technology just modernizes the classic story to our time.

Sure you have cells phone, hacking, blogs, security. media and such.  But modern science and external visuals really enhance things. For example: They have diagrams for Sherlock’s thought processes and  display e-mails.

Great Storyline– The writer’s do a good job with keeping to original Sherlock stories and quotes. “A study in Scarlett = A study in Pink” “Come at once if convenient — if inconvenient come all the same” -You get great quirks like this to play on the original texts. The story is pretty good too. I like how people’s habits such as smoking and are incorporated. Human nature is well depicted with doubts, envy, loyalty etc these drive the story forward and create conflict. 

Season 3 -Yeah can’t wait but its going to be awhile. They start production  Jan. 2013 so it will be out later. Hopefully later in the year. (Fingers crossed.)

I like how each episode is long enough to be a movie. (It’s lengthy but you get detail and is not as rushed fro him to solve the case).

My only other wish was that the end of season 2 wasn’t spolied for me via photos and gifs on tumblr. It had a interesting ending though.

Season 3 can’t wait! 🙂

Also looking forward to the hobbit which has Ben as the voice of Smaug and Martin Freeman a.k.a. Watson  as Bilbo Baggins

I find that the quality of books is declining.

The main thing I see at the library of book story is the regurgitation of the same topics. Currently vampires, zombies, werewolves and apocalyptic societies are the main things seen. Why because its what’s popular and sells and that’s the top priority. Don’t get me wrong there are good ones in the mix but sometimes it seems like it’s just copy after copy with a small spin on it.

Some are good but I find disappointment.

My sister (teen) read a lot and has similar complaints with me. All too often the stories are led by a slow or extremely simple minded character. They fall for the obvious and are easily duped when the reader can see clearly. It’s common sense errors for the most part and not human error that people usually make. It’s like watching a horror movie and seeing someone go to their death preventable death. The reader is left wondering why they were so stupid. Common sense not so common.

Where are the smart common sense characters? The ones we can relate too and liken toward?  

Next annoyance is the guessable plot. Thing in scene B happens and it its will obviously do this is scene C. Happens exactly like the reader expects. Not always saved by a twist, not fun not entertaining. Where is the craftiness?

It gets to the point where you wonder how these people got published.

Big anger towards the: 50 Shades Series

Yes I get that it’s geared towards to older women but I found it to be devoid of quality. All I can see with this book is the SEX SELLS and the publishing industry banked on it. Sad fact is sure enough more of this is going to breed. People want their porn and it comes via text form now.

In this reader’s opinion the story was just idealism and fantasy. The characters seemed to lack much needed depth and weren’t very relatable. It relied on drama to get to move through. We have the lovers who just get on too well with superficial fights, rich man, materialism that our society thrives on; includes fashion, money, gadgets, boats cars etc. Add in a sob story where the character heals too fast based on meeting the perfect person. Character gets co-dependent on this person that they can’t function without them. There was no real investment towards the realities of post traumatic stress. It was very minimal at the least. Oh add hostage taking and someone getting shot. Don’t forget the SEX, SEX and guess what MORE SEX. (That should fix the depth problem nicely.)

 Then why am I in a bunch it’s just a book right? Hard fact is that they’re actually making a movie. Wtf? How will it be different than a porno? Drew Carey can clarify: “The points are like the plot of porno movie. It doesn’t matter.”

When I see stuff like this published I see very lowered standards. It’s time to blame the industry where the monster started. There are fewer choices and variety between companies nowadays since they keep merging and they have set standards.

The publishing industry or any industry is looking for quick money. So whatever is popular and sells, they will take on. Sadly it doesn’t matter if a writer has the great idea anymore. It has to be set by the standards and the like. On the other hand every celebrity has their own book out there.  It would be interesting to see them publish on a different name and see how it fares then instead of the publishing house banking on the famous name.

What happened to Quality? Uniqueness? Imagination? Fresh ideas?

Some books I find that haven’t succumbed are: Killers by . The author got it web published and not by traditional fashion. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was revolutionary. Same goes for the Hunger Games. Then we have the classics like LOTR and just to put it out there Harry Potter. Gone with the Wind was great in its time too.

They are creative and have well defined characters and plots.

How do things change then? It all seems to lies with audience and tastes. For me as a reader I look for creativity and characters I can come to love or things I can relate to. This is what counts for me and it sweeps across any genre or so called “age limit”.

I say on with creativity and don’t follow the rules. Create the difference.

Recently I was reminiscing and remembering things from childhood and I thought about the books I read and loved. I remember the “Little Critter” series by Mayer Mercer. Its a cute series. We had the book entitled “Just go to bed” and I just rememberhis bunn pajamas’ the most. There was a series in particular that I wanted to see again but I am @ loss. I remember it was in french and about folklore. I have the titles: “Dragon, Geant et Sorciere” and “Prince, Princesse et Gnome”. Problem is I can’t don’t know the author and the libraries around me don’t have it. So I thought about going back to the source which was my grade school and its library. Then I find out the school has been demolished in 2009. Man feel like a part of me is missing already. I don’t know where to go from here. I could try contacting the town to see where the library stuff went but I don’t know where to start. Otherwise many years ago m younger sibling brought a book home about airplanes and it had the same artist doing illustrations in it. I don’t remember the title but I hope the book was from the home branch and that it might still be there. Does anyone know a online database?

So far…

POTPC:   29 pages,  6,590words.

Vampire Novel:  9 pages,  3,871words.

REVOLVER:  4 pages, 2, 052words.

Other asprirations for this summer involve:

-Casa Loma

-T.O architecture




New set backs:

-Have to do research on architecture, swords,  sword fighting, uglyness of the music industry ect. There’s probably more  but I can’t remember right now.

Johnny Depp Had Bathroom Trouble In Barnabas Collins Costume


Found the movie so-so. There was too much scenery and Tim Burton-y  feel. There could have been more effort to the plot in exchange.  I just found Barnabas had no chemistry or enough scenes  together. The witch is really bad at planning revenge lacked imagination. She could have had Barnabas so many times over with her magic but oh no she just locks him in a box.

I found the daughter Carolyn somewhat annoying and her being a werewolf was too random.

The film was saved by its witty humour. Mostly lines by Barnabas and how stuck he is in the 18 hundreds. The part that choked me up the most is the scene where he’s wondering why its hard to court a maiden: “In my time if you wanted a girlyou gave her father money or sheep.” Or when he asks how young Carolyn is: “What 15 and not married?”

The film had a nice setting overall. The Collins house was nicely detailed and captured the family and the era.

It’s not bad but it’s not the greatest. Previews can be so misleading.

POTPC:  8 pages 1803 words.

Vampire Novel: 7 pages, 2817 words

So far

-I need to look up more of the proper format for scripts. I think I’m doing okay for the most part.

-Apparently for film 1 page = 1 min. So I have about 8 minutes so far.

-Need to see how to write a voice over with some sort of slide explaination happening in the background. I think I saw this sort of thing in “CRANK”

-Stuck in the intro part for the vampire novel.

-Need to do more band related research.

-Dunno if I should set a deadline. I haven’t been able to write for a few days (life stuff) and wonder if a deadline will hinder me or make me continue forward.

It’s all getting there somehow.

So personal business.

I got this white corset-like thing from Kensington market. It was off white so i washed it and decided to dye it black. That’s where things went wrong.


After I took it out the dye turned it baby blue instead of black. That wouldn’t have been too bad except it turned out splotchy too XD.

So I am contemplating trying to dye it again or just leaving it and find laces.

I started writing full force and will post my progress here.My goal is to finish @ least 2 pieces of writing or more this summer. so:

Trigger: Currently being edited by friends. Waiting for the hard copy to be returned.

Revolver: 208 pages handwritten. Need to type what I have and fix parts of the plot

POTPC: (Not Pirates of the Carribean XD) a movie script I have working on. 2 pages 363 words.

Vampire Novel: 6 pages, 2297 words

Other: Just working and playing with different ideas.

Managed to watch: Running with Scissors and  Stranger than Fiction

Both goodish. Scissors reminds me that everyone is screwed up in some shape or form. We are not alone in our madness. The movie had its funny bits but lagged in some parts.

Fiction was a different. Another story about life lessons and how we can just be stuck on and how we can change things ourselves. Had its funny bits. I liked the small symbolisms like the references to the Magritte paintings with the apples and cloud background in different scenes. Also the repeating element of the boy on the bicycle.

Looking 4ward to seeing Dark Shadows -another Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration. Looks funny. Initially when I was watching the preview I’m like oh another Disney fairy tale something.Then I was like who’s that actor. Wtf? That’s Johnny Depp that’s awesome.

Just something to look forward to.