I just read the manga yesterday  by Kaoru Mori and really love it.

The story’s about 20 year old Amir who has been sent as a bride to a groom Karluk who’s 12 years younger than her. It’s sent in central Asia during the 18th century and  it’s about the her adjusting to the differences in living environments and culture.

What’s so great?

The art of course!

Mostly everything is drawn in great detail. I especially liked the clothing depicted with rich patterns. The designs were specific and culturally defining. The house architecture is well depicted and gives you a glimpse of how their houses were built. As well as the accessories and jewelry are very elegant and refined


The mangaka does a great job of showing the culture and customs. It shows the difference in regions. For example Amir grew up in a mountain type region and knows how to hunt. Her in laws are amazed by it XD. The groom has an uncle who lives in with a tribe of nomadic people. They move from place to place and live in portable houses called yurts.

I also like the character interactions. Amir becomes is a part of a large family and the story goes into their daily life. You get a feel of running a household and just the interesting cultural differences.

The only other thing is I wish they included the wedding ceremony.

I’ve read Emma by the same mangaka which was good but this one has a different appeal and you can tell the author put a lot of passion into it.

It’s a great read, very visually appealing and has a good story line to it.