This is a recent series which has just aired on Thursday January 12th. It’s about the old and new historical basis dealing with aboriginal issues.

First impressions: It definitely has an impact.

It’s about the issues and why this community has them. It’s about the current society which is losing its culture and roots. More importantly it’s about educating aboriginals and as well as the rest of society.

Point being the moment someone mentions “Aboriginal” inevitably stereotypes come to mind. The opening of the series definitely hits this with people commenting with things such as “Free tax”, “Homeless'” etc. False images that have little truth in them. Especially that it undermines the people who have had success or otherwise. These marring stereotypes are from lack of knowledge and understanding about the significant history and culture.

It hits home to me being of aboriginal ancestry. I’ve had my share of bad comments and situations growing up from people because of their ignorance. Only then I wasn’t fully aware of basis and I did not grow up on a reservation and was secluded from this part of my culture.

I like the fact that this is a series and will continue my views as it airs on Thursday every week.

I greatly appreciate that a show like this is out there and it has a modern and direct approach to it. I look forward to the next showing.