So personal business.

I got this white corset-like thing from Kensington market. It was off white so i washed it and decided to dye it black. That’s where things went wrong.


After I took it out the dye turned it baby blue instead of black. That wouldn’t have been too bad except it turned out splotchy too XD.

So I am contemplating trying to dye it again or just leaving it and find laces.

I started writing full force and will post my progress here.My goal is to finish @ least 2 pieces of writing or more this summer. so:

Trigger: Currently being edited by friends. Waiting for the hard copy to be returned.

Revolver: 208 pages handwritten. Need to type what I have and fix parts of the plot

POTPC: (Not Pirates of the Carribean XD) a movie script I have working on. 2 pages 363 words.

Vampire Novel: 6 pages, 2297 words

Other: Just working and playing with different ideas.

Managed to watch: Running with Scissors and  Stranger than Fiction

Both goodish. Scissors reminds me that everyone is screwed up in some shape or form. We are not alone in our madness. The movie had its funny bits but lagged in some parts.

Fiction was a different. Another story about life lessons and how we can just be stuck on and how we can change things ourselves. Had its funny bits. I liked the small symbolisms like the references to the Magritte paintings with the apples and cloud background in different scenes. Also the repeating element of the boy on the bicycle.

Looking 4ward to seeing Dark Shadows -another Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration. Looks funny. Initially when I was watching the preview I’m like oh another Disney fairy tale something.Then I was like who’s that actor. Wtf? That’s Johnny Depp that’s awesome.

Just something to look forward to.