So far…

POTPC:   29 pages,  6,590words.

Vampire Novel:  9 pages,  3,871words.

REVOLVER:  4 pages, 2, 052words.

Other asprirations for this summer involve:

-Casa Loma

-T.O architecture




New set backs:

-Have to do research on architecture, swords,  sword fighting, uglyness of the music industry ect. There’s probably more  but I can’t remember right now.

Johnny Depp Had Bathroom Trouble In Barnabas Collins Costume


Found the movie so-so. There was too much scenery and Tim Burton-y  feel. There could have been more effort to the plot in exchange.  I just found Barnabas had no chemistry or enough scenes  together. The witch is really bad at planning revenge lacked imagination. She could have had Barnabas so many times over with her magic but oh no she just locks him in a box.

I found the daughter Carolyn somewhat annoying and her being a werewolf was too random.

The film was saved by its witty humour. Mostly lines by Barnabas and how stuck he is in the 18 hundreds. The part that choked me up the most is the scene where he’s wondering why its hard to court a maiden: “In my time if you wanted a girlyou gave her father money or sheep.” Or when he asks how young Carolyn is: “What 15 and not married?”

The film had a nice setting overall. The Collins house was nicely detailed and captured the family and the era.

It’s not bad but it’s not the greatest. Previews can be so misleading.