Recently I was reminiscing and remembering things from childhood and I thought about the books I read and loved. I remember the “Little Critter” series by Mayer Mercer. Its a cute series. We had the book entitled “Just go to bed” and I just rememberhis bunn pajamas’ the most. There was a series in particular that I wanted to see again but I am @ loss. I remember it was in french and about folklore. I have the titles: “Dragon, Geant et Sorciere” and “Prince, Princesse et Gnome”. Problem is I can’t don’t know the author and the libraries around me don’t have it. So I thought about going back to the source which was my grade school and its library. Then I find out the school has been demolished in 2009. Man feel like a part of me is missing already. I don’t know where to go from here. I could try contacting the town to see where the library stuff went but I don’t know where to start. Otherwise many years ago m younger sibling brought a book home about airplanes and it had the same artist doing illustrations in it. I don’t remember the title but I hope the book was from the home branch and that it might still be there. Does anyone know a online database?