I find that the quality of books is declining.

The main thing I see at the library of book story is the regurgitation of the same topics. Currently vampires, zombies, werewolves and apocalyptic societies are the main things seen. Why because its what’s popular and sells and that’s the top priority. Don’t get me wrong there are good ones in the mix but sometimes it seems like it’s just copy after copy with a small spin on it.

Some are good but I find disappointment.

My sister (teen) read a lot and has similar complaints with me. All too often the stories are led by a slow or extremely simple minded character. They fall for the obvious and are easily duped when the reader can see clearly. It’s common sense errors for the most part and not human error that people usually make. It’s like watching a horror movie and seeing someone go to their death preventable death. The reader is left wondering why they were so stupid. Common sense not so common.

Where are the smart common sense characters? The ones we can relate too and liken toward?  

Next annoyance is the guessable plot. Thing in scene B happens and it its will obviously do this is scene C. Happens exactly like the reader expects. Not always saved by a twist, not fun not entertaining. Where is the craftiness?

It gets to the point where you wonder how these people got published.

Big anger towards the: 50 Shades Series

Yes I get that it’s geared towards to older women but I found it to be devoid of quality. All I can see with this book is the SEX SELLS and the publishing industry banked on it. Sad fact is sure enough more of this is going to breed. People want their porn and it comes via text form now.

In this reader’s opinion the story was just idealism and fantasy. The characters seemed to lack much needed depth and weren’t very relatable. It relied on drama to get to move through. We have the lovers who just get on too well with superficial fights, rich man, materialism that our society thrives on; includes fashion, money, gadgets, boats cars etc. Add in a sob story where the character heals too fast based on meeting the perfect person. Character gets co-dependent on this person that they can’t function without them. There was no real investment towards the realities of post traumatic stress. It was very minimal at the least. Oh add hostage taking and someone getting shot. Don’t forget the SEX, SEX and guess what MORE SEX. (That should fix the depth problem nicely.)

 Then why am I in a bunch it’s just a book right? Hard fact is that they’re actually making a movie. Wtf? How will it be different than a porno? Drew Carey can clarify: “The points are like the plot of porno movie. It doesn’t matter.”

When I see stuff like this published I see very lowered standards. It’s time to blame the industry where the monster started. There are fewer choices and variety between companies nowadays since they keep merging and they have set standards.

The publishing industry or any industry is looking for quick money. So whatever is popular and sells, they will take on. Sadly it doesn’t matter if a writer has the great idea anymore. It has to be set by the standards and the like. On the other hand every celebrity has their own book out there.  It would be interesting to see them publish on a different name and see how it fares then instead of the publishing house banking on the famous name.

What happened to Quality? Uniqueness? Imagination? Fresh ideas?

Some books I find that haven’t succumbed are: Killers by . The author got it web published and not by traditional fashion. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was revolutionary. Same goes for the Hunger Games. Then we have the classics like LOTR and just to put it out there Harry Potter. Gone with the Wind was great in its time too.

They are creative and have well defined characters and plots.

How do things change then? It all seems to lies with audience and tastes. For me as a reader I look for creativity and characters I can come to love or things I can relate to. This is what counts for me and it sweeps across any genre or so called “age limit”.

I say on with creativity and don’t follow the rules. Create the difference.