Recently I started watching BBC Sherlock on a suggestion of a friend.

I absolutely adore it. Why?:

Benedict Cumberbatch – His acting skills put a new spin on the character. With previous Sherlock films I found Mr. Holmes portrayed as a bit stuffy and slightly old fashioned. Cumberbatch gives the audience someone real that you can sort of relate to. As he himself states: ” I’m a fully functional sociopath.”

He portrays the intellect well without being a smart ass (most of the time). He has personality and background. And I find that he puts Sherlock-Downey to shame, just because Downey seems more lazy and just more foolish.

As for the other characters they have their own quirks and realisms. ie. Moriarty being gay excellent play and it attributes to his obsession with Sherlock. Also I like the interactions Sherlock has with his brother Mycroft.  You get a bit of sibling rivalry but they also care about each other and have strange ways of showing it.

Technology -The technology just modernizes the classic story to our time.

Sure you have cells phone, hacking, blogs, security. media and such.  But modern science and external visuals really enhance things. For example: They have diagrams for Sherlock’s thought processes and  display e-mails.

Great Storyline– The writer’s do a good job with keeping to original Sherlock stories and quotes. “A study in Scarlett = A study in Pink” “Come at once if convenientif inconvenient come all the same” -You get great quirks like this to play on the original texts. The story is pretty good too. I like how people’s habits such as smoking and are incorporated. Human nature is well depicted with doubts, envy, loyalty etc these drive the story forward and create conflict. 

Season 3 -Yeah can’t wait but its going to be awhile. They start production  Jan. 2013 so it will be out later. Hopefully later in the year. (Fingers crossed.)

I like how each episode is long enough to be a movie. (It’s lengthy but you get detail and is not as rushed fro him to solve the case).

My only other wish was that the end of season 2 wasn’t spolied for me via photos and gifs on tumblr. It had a interesting ending though.

Season 3 can’t wait! 🙂

Also looking forward to the hobbit which has Ben as the voice of Smaug and Martin Freeman a.k.a. Watson  as Bilbo Baggins